How To Throw A Successful Casino Night

Everybody deserves a big celebration on his or her birthday. A birthday comes only once a year and is the ideal time to get together with family members and close friends to honor your relationships with those who mean the most to you. If you have an upcoming birthday and want a unique way to celebrate the occasion, you should think about the possibility of hosing a casino night.

A casino party is fun for everyone and is not difficult to plan. The items you need to host this type of event are readily accessible. As long as you research your options and use your creativity, you will have no trouble planning a casino night that everyone will enjoy. Here are some tips to get you started:

Room Decorations

You can transform any living space in your home into a Las Vegas casino with the right accessories and decorations. The first thing you can do is string twinkling lights around the room and decorate the space with a green, black and red theme. You will need to supply your guests with fake money or chips for gambling and some kind of cup or bucket to hold their winnings.

Choose Casino Games

You can recreate almost any card or dice game found in a traditional casino. If you have several rooms to dedicate to the event, use a different room for each game. You can designate a roulette room, a craps room and a poker room. If you are holding the party in one large room, create different zones for the various games. Inform your guests that the person who wins the most play money will win a prize at the end of the night.

Beverages and Food

Most people think of alcoholic beverages when they think about a casino. You can set up a bar area and serve your guests different kinds of cocktails. You may want to consider asking someone to serve as the bartender during the party. You will also want to offer your guests food. Prepare snacks that are bite-size and easy to serve, such as pizza slices, meatballs, crackers, chips and dip, chicken wings and cupcakes. Make sure you have plenty of food and drinks so your guests can fuel up while they are playing games and having so much fun.

Play upbeat music to keep the energy high throughout the party.