AHT RiskDiligenceTM Unique Value Adds


Our proprietary risk assessment and risk diligence for technology companies results in lower general liability and errors and omission rates from underwriters, and lower loss frequency and severity for our clients. Our proprietary enterprise risk audit service generates very meaningful data for the development of risk control programs and strategic planning.  In addition, our Contract Risk Management training program is unique and highly valued by our clients.  These services, taken in the aggregate, allow AHT to better position our clients to take advantage of the credits underwriters apply for quality risk management programs and lower over-all losses year after year.  AHT’s Risk Diligence strategies create the environment and opportunity for AHT clients to enjoy more competitive insurance placements at reduced costs.

1. AHT Risk Management Center Portal Subscription and on-going Training

AHT Insurance Risk Management Center, a unique web-based software suite of safety, risk management and training tools designed to empower your organization's risk prevention and compliance efforts. The Risk Management Center is right for any organization that wants to:

  • Proactively manage risk
  • Develop effective workplace safety programs
  • Reduce claims, losses, and associated costs
  • Create effective and reliable risk transfer protocols
  • Maintain cost effective training and compliance programs
  • Streamline Human Capital administrative management demands

2. AHT RiskDiligenceTM Contract Portfolio Risk Assessment & Mitigation

AHT’s RiskDiligence process creates a RiskMap that allows an organization to better understand and navigate the risks that exist within their existing contract portfolio, develop mitigation strategies to better control the identified risks and assess new contract opportunities with an additional lens focused on the financial, legal and reputational hazards that may be created by the applicable clauses in the contracts.


3. AHT eRiskHub from NetDiligenceTM

AHT understands that Cyber Risk for Organizations will remain heightened for years if not decades.  That is why every AHT RiskDiligence client receives a subscription that we cover the costs for to eRiskHub by NetDiligence.  NetDiligence is a leading provider of cyber risk assessment and post loss services. The Cyber Risk Assessments and Vulnerability Testing helps firms with cybersecurity compliance requirements of GLBA 501B, NCUA’s Rule 748, HIPAA, and other State and Federal mandates requiring the demonstration of best practices. NetDiligence provides loss prevention solutions to assess due care network safety controls and practices to produce a cybersecurity readiness posture report.  There are also a host of triage tools available to subscribers to address a cyber event is one does occur.


4. AHT CyberGap Analysis – Assessment and Strategy Services

Cyber Exposures are present in many business activities and present threats to a variety of asset classes of most organizations as well. As a result, many insurance policies that an organization may maintain have the potential to be called upon to respond to a cyber related event that causes a loss. A through gap analysis of each of these policies should be performed, mapped to the actual and potential exposures an organization may have to cyber events.

A cyber-gap exposure and coverage analysis can be a complex endeavor. It requires deep expertise and knowledge of how all of the applicable insurance policies in the portfolio may, or could respond if properly modified, to the most likely loss scenarios as well as a very good working knowledge of the business operations of the organization being analyzed. There are costs involved with many of the enhancements necessary to provide a responsive insurance program for cyber events as well as some limitations as to what and how much limit may be available for certain exposures so an ability to predict these expenses and prioritize coverage is also needed. The most frequently included policies in such an analysis are:

  • Property
  • Electronic Data Processing
  • Equipment & Machinery
  • Crime
  • Commercial General Liability (CGL)
  • Umbrella/Excess Liability
  • Automobile
  • D&O Liability (D&O)
  • Fiduciary Liability
  • Kidnap Ransom & Extortion (K&R)
  • Errors & Omissions Liability (E&O)
  • Cyber Liability
  • Global placements

5. AHT Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning

As a perfect complement to your insurance and risk management programs, AHT offers the disaster recovery service, Agility Recovery at substantial discounts. Agility will get your company’s office space, power, communications and IT environment up and running within 48 hours after you report any size or type of disaster. Consulting services are also available to help you create an effective disaster recovery/business continuity plan for your enterprise. The full suite of Agility Recovery services includes:

  • Power - Generators, electricians and fuel drops
  • Space - Numerous options to fit your business needs, including commercial, retail and mobile office space
  • Computer Systems - computers,  Intel servers, tape drives, printers and fax machines ready for express delivery
  • Communications - Satellite connectivity to restore phone and Internet Service

6. Cert TraxTM

AHT delivers a unique online solution to ease the challenges of supply chain risk and vendor risk management. This customizable, secure application allows you to manage critical documents and records as well as maintain a database for tracking supply chain vulnerabilities and certificate of insurance requirements. AHT’s Cert TraxTM powered by Ebix, the global leader in COI compliance solutions, coupled with our back office broker services provides you with a powerful tool for effectively managing even the most complex supply chain management risk profiles. 


7. Intellectual Property Risks

AHT is an exclusive broker representing RPX.  RPX Corporation is the leading provider of patent risk solutions, offering defensive buying, acquisition syndication, patent intelligence, insurance services, and advisory services. Since its founding in 2008, RPX has introduced efficiency to the patent market by providing a rational alternative to patent litigation. Our pioneering approach combines principal capital, deep patent expertise and client contributions to generate enhanced patent buying power. By acquiring problem patents, RPX helps to mitigate and manage the risk of potential patent assertions for its growing client network.  Other IP insurance market representation is also covered by AHT, providing the only complete IP insurance brokerage carrier representation in the region.


8. AHT Global Insurance Portfolio Management Portal

AHT has created a secure online information management system for our multinational clients to organize, communicate, report claims and maintain records associated with global insurance placements.  Please ask you service representative for more information and a demonstration.


9. Risk DiligenceTM International Operations / Travel Exposures, Insurance & Gap Analysis

AHT Policy Assessment, Duty of Care Optimization & Risk Evaluation / Consulting services.  AHT has experienced staff that can conduct strategic to operational and tactical level risk evaluations for organizations operating within remote, challenged or contentious business environments. We review operational methodologies as well as facilities and residences and give pragmatic and effective recommendations and solutions.

AHT can assist a client determine the most effective combination of designs, structures and services to help ensure the security of deployed personnel as well as help identify gaps and run table-top simulations to hone corporate readiness.  AHT also provides risk management guidance on the utility of forms that can mitigate organizational risk when staff has been deployed in hazardous environments such as assumption of risk sign-off forms, personal security exposure training and related information.


10.   AHT Risk DiligenceTM Insurance and Risk Management Resources online portal & training

This web-hosted software is populated by AHT with pertinent information for Organization’s risk management and insurance programs including copies of policies, claims procedures and forms, reports, training materials, and a library of over 800 risk control documents, policies, and procedures that can be customized on the fly by either Organizations or AHT.  Please note that Risk Diligence provides a special section for OSHA compliance and tracking, as well as a bulletin board service that would connect you to over 100,000 individual risk managers and insurance buyers.